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Re: Dell Tech Support telling users to completely disable Windows Update in Vista?

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I completely agree with your statements about how no one should ever fully disable Windows Update. As for what they actually meant, I can only vouch for the tech support guy that was helping me and he walked me through completely disabling Windows Update and never made any mention of UAC. It is possible that the he misunderstood what he was supposed to tell me but I will probably never get to know that.



It is possible Dell wants their users to turn off Automatic Installation but the tech support guy walked me through completely disabling all automatic checks for updates and that part should probably never be turned off as there is no harm in checking for updates. No matter what state Automatic Updates are in users can manually check for updates but how many 'normal' users do you know that active check for Windows Updates?



I'm sorry but it is not my idea...

I was told to shut off Windows Update by Dell Tech Support and I am here on the forums talking about it because I think that it is wrong for Dell to tell its customers that.



That is my guess too, is that Dell either submitted a faulty driver to Microsoft for publishing on Windows Update or there was an existing driver update causing major compatibility issues and so Dell's easy fix is to just disable Windows Update.


Hopefully, someone at Dell will try and clear up the situation. There may actually be a good reason, but I would really love to hear it.



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