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Re: My PC won't Update Windows

I was thinking of the malware angle myself. Any idea why the msxml files refuse to be modified on mine? No malware on my system and yet I get the permission error. It's strange because I only have one user account and it's the admin account. I'm wondering if there is a service that needs to be shut down in order to reregister them but I did make sure that no other programs were running. However, come to think of it there may have been some in the background that begin in Startup. I do think I may have a glitch because I have had other users do things that I tried and when I did them I had to run them as administrator while they didn't. Strange. Perhaps I have a poltergeist or a gremlin. Smiley Happy


Did you notice the minor changes in the filenames between our two lists? I was wondering as I read yours if you may have modified some of them at one point.

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