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Re: No ipconfig output

If you are connecting via wireless, make sure your radio is on. When you get no info, your system "sees" no configured adapter. When you get the 169 address, it is set to assign your address automatically, but can't find the equipment which does that (DHCP server) Usually, this is the address of your modem, but not always. If you have talked to your ISP, things seem to be set up properly, and you still can't connect, try using each of these static address as your alternate, 192.168.105, Since these are in the private IP address range, your DSL modem or a server at your ISP is exchanging the address for a public one (NAT).

Start by talking to your ISP to see what settings you should be using! As Dell-Larry R indicated, ISPs who use PPPoE (which is likely with DSL) can sometimes use DHCP and sometimes you are assigned a static address. If they assign you one static address, and you want to use multiple computers, you need to set up your DSL modem with that. If it doesn't have that capability, you can add a router, or use ICS (see help menu).


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