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Re: Need diagnostics CD

If you are able to complete the Transfer of Ownership form you might be able to get replacement CDs.  Otherwise Fireblade's suggestion is probably the best way to go.

I don't have a service tag, and I am the first owner.  This was a Dell rebuild from a Dell tech.  Don't know how he got it, don't care.  I got a computer with a charger, he got a wasted motorcycle.  There is no service tag on it, and all of those online forms require the previous owner's name (which there isn't) and a service tag (which I don't have.)

From what you describe, it sounds like the hard drive has failed (the clicking you describe makes me think the read/write heads are banging against the side of the drive casing, aka the click of death).  What happens if you remove the hard drive from the system?  If you have another computer of the same type you could also try booting with its hard drive in your system to verify your hard drive is the problem

I've been around a few dead HDs and this one doesn't seem to be dead.  Every time I've had a dead HD, it not only sounds different, but I get an error message.  When the bios tries to boot windows, shouldn't I get an I/O error, or "no OS found" ?  When I pull my HD out, nothing changes.  My wife has a Precision M60, so I think her HD is different, but I'll try it.  BUT... if it boots fine in my computer, that only tells me what I already know... that its either software or an HD failure.  I already know that 🙂

I just downloaded Ubuntu to a CD.  I think I'll boot it from CD into Linux and see if Linux can access the HD.

Thanks for the help guys.  I really appreciate it.

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