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Re: XP shut down sometimes restarts instead, start up paused on black screen today then continued

Thanks.  I was also reading about an Nvidea video something or other that is on a lot of Dells that has a tendency to overheat. I think mine may have one of those although maybe its a different one and maybe the motherboard was replaced after they had updated the ones being used.

magicJack is a little device that shows up as a drive. It plugs into a usb2 port (I've found that my powered hub works better than one of the ports in the back of the computer.  Then you just plug a regular phone into the other side of it.  It can be taken on trips etc and phone calls to US or Canada are free. The device was about $39.95 which included 1 yr phone service and I renewed for another year for about $20.  It works pretty well most of the time.  But it seems that it installs itself each time rather than having resident software on the computer.  I guess that is nice to be able to plug it into any usb2 port on any computer while travelling but it takes awhile to load each time.

It seems to be shutting down better now for some reason. I'll have to run my A2 anti malware software a little later to see what it turns up.  and then I'll try the F12 key during boot up if I can remember that.  I also posted this under hardware so will have to find that one to see if I got any answers there.

I'm not sure why I'm not getting email notifications of responses like I used to. anyway thanks for your help.

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