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Re: Restore Inspiron 910 to factory settings

Oldhippy and Korey12. SAYS~:

I suppose that the mini 910 has PC Restore by Dell and you are using XP. When booting the system, after the Dell Logo appears, look for a blue bar at the top of the screen with www.DeLL.com written in it and underneath it shows "Loading PBR Descriptor 2 done". When this bar shows, you only have a second to press Ctrl+F11 to activate PC Restore. Have in mind that if in any way you have touched the HDD or altered the HDD or reinstall the OS, the Dell MBR or the partition will not be there and PC Restore will not engage.

Follow this instructions, step two:


Hope it helps.

Basically No it does not help as the Dell Mini does not have an F11 Key they only go up to F10 !

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