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Eliminate Restore Drive D

I bought my new 530S in March '09. It came with Vista installed. Rather than go through training my family to use Vista I took it to a local computer repair shop and had XP installed, just like our Dell laptop.

The hard drive on the 530S is partitioned with a C main drive and a D (Recovery) hard drive. I was told the D drive apparently is the boot drive which moves to the C drive when up and running. 

I want to install Acronis True Image so I can make an exact copy of XP and all the installed programs on an external hard drive in case of a hard drive failure.

I have no way of knowing if the D drive contains recovery for Vista or XP. I feel confident the D recovery drive was there when I first bought the computer.

To eliminate confusion I would like to eliminate the D drive and have the C drive be the single bootable drive. That way I can create an image of the main drive on the external drive and update it weekly.

How do I combine the C and D drives into one?

I am self trained on computers and can do more than the general public but not near as much as professionally trained people.


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