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Re: Blue Screen Error In Microsoft Windows XP On Startup



If you cannot access Windows (Safe or Normal mode) & you don’t want to follow solutions already suggested?


Then if personal data recovery is really important you should consider buying a suitable external USB cable connected HDD enclosure, like one of these, click here

Albeit USB Root Hub ports can deliver power, buying a self-powered enclosure is probably preferred


Remove suspect/corrupt HDD & mount it in USB HDD drive enclosure then plug the unit into a USB 2.0 port on a working computer

You should then be able to recover/transfer personal data, click here


Then replace & wipe the suspect/corrupt HDD using either:


1. Dell PC Restore, if working (?) it should only take 20 minutes, procedure is click here


2. XP Clean Install, can take 2hours & you need correct CDs, procedure is click here


After using either method 1 or 2, you then need to activate security software & only go online to download & install ALL MS critical updates (the most time consuming part)


If you suspect Malware infection, scan personal data before reinstating it


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