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gx280 xp sp3 crashes after waking up from sleep


hey there ...

I have a Dell OptiPlex GX280 running Windows SP3.  Prior to installing SP3 I never had a problem with the machine going into sleep mode overnight.  A little while after installing SP3 the following problem showed up.  I did not make any other changes in that week, so I have to assume it's SP3 causing this.

What happens is this:  I tell the machine to stand by, and that goes fine.  I wake it up, and for anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds, it is fine and behaving normally.  Shortly after I wake it, though, I hear a short nasty grating sound from the speakers, and the whole machine freezes -- the mouse doesn't even move.  No keys work either.  I can't press the power button.  The only thing that works is to remove power from the machine, then restart.


Any ideas?  I've Googled my heart out about this, and can't seem to find any answers.  About the only thing I can find to do is to uninstall SP3 but I'd rather not do that right now.







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