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Re: Multiply empty folders

Come to think of it Jim, I do have Windows Live Essentials. I had been using Outlook as my email client, but didn't like it cause it had too much baggage associatted with it that I didn't need nor want. I came from OE running in XP which served my purposes just fine; not having half or more of my screen taken up with garbage like Yahoo, AOL, & Hotmail has. I downloaded Windows Live Essentials to get Windows Live Mail to try as my email client; which I like much better than Outlook. I use 2 Hotmail, 1 MSN, & 1 email client associated with my ISP. When  I access the new, Live email account, I have access to all 4 mail accounts under 1 umbrella; nice!
I've come to the conclusion these were some temporary folder's, created with some downloads. I made a folder & moved all those empty ones into it and moved to a jump drive to see if it would have any effect on my system. So far everythings running great.
Before I moved everything to the temporary folder on the jump drive, I did a search of 3 of the folder names in the registry; came up empty: then did a search from start\search; still nothing. So I'll leave them sit for a week or 2 on the jump drive & see what happens.

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