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Re: XPS 8300 Motherboard Upgrade - What OS Problems Will I Have?

[quote user="CALLMENUJAK"]Let the OP decide what he/she wants to do. I for one will not buy another licence unnecessarily.

Sure, no one is forcing him to do one thing over another, but not doing so is a illegal in nearly every country (if not all).

that was true up to Windows 2000 Professional

I've never messed with 2000 or previous, so that can't be true.  My experience says it will not allow it, but I'm not saying that is the only outcome anyone can ever experience - I've heard people say they have been able to, then others that they could not.

He asked for potential problems with this project ... there it is ... a potential problem.


If you have never had experience with Windows 2000 how can you KNOW what is true or not? I'm talking from experience and not hearsay! Dell Windows 2000 discs would not install on non Dell motherboards/BIOS. Dell XP and Vista Discs will install on non Dell motherboards and so will Windows 7. Microsoft do have a EULA but I view this as a licence to print money. Microsoft law is not law of the land and I think in many places the EULA would be deemed to be unfair. Anyway if the OP activates over the phone they will be asked how many PC's is the key being used on and if the answer is one and it goes through the activation would have been allowed by Microsoft. If it activates online without the phone call it would have been allowed by Microsoft. If activation fails then purchase another licence. This is what I would do.

Yes there is a POTENTIAL problem but you have made a POTENTIAL problem definite without any experience whatsoever!

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