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IE9 Bottom of the Screen Stuff

Overall, I like this version of Internet Explorer, but it does have some annoyances. I get a lot of messages or alerts. A common one concerns blocking content that allegedly has security certificate errors. This occurs on accepted sites and pages like MSN and in Hotmail. An email might (mostly) come up but IE9 is worried about the artwork or something on the page and blocks it. This warning never concerns the main message. In other words, none of these alerts really amounts to anything. I have than adequate security protection so I doubt if anything is getting through.

Then there is the frequent reference about disabling add-ons, which I never add anything on myself...the systems or the programs do. I once tried to delete all the add-ons to see what would happen, and they came right back in short period of time. I do like the download info that shows up down below, just have to push Save and then Run, and its done. So...is there anyway to adjust this browser...I don't see anything in Tools at the upper right that would be of help.

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