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Re: Vostro 430 - Reinstall to factory conditions

Many thanks for responding Bev, it's appreciated.However, my question wasn't answered, firstly because I don't want to Restore my computer, I want to bring it back to factory defaults, including all those things I mentioned in para (2), and as I understand it 'restore' is a different thing (I think? you see, I'm confused)

Also I read the links you pointed me toward and that didn't help either. That link for example had several choices, so giving me the link was useless, as being green I wasn't exactly sure which choice to make.

Again this is all because it confuses me and I would love it if someone could reassure me at the same time as pointing out explicitly what I do.

Is any kind reader in a position to fill in the xxxxxx space here and say this to me........? "Wanda, everything you require in para (2) can be achieved by doing xxxxxx".  THAT would reassure me at the same time as spelling it out.  (yes, I know, I'm a nervous dummy who needs it spelled out, but your answer to me might also help future nervous dummies with the same problem?)

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