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Installing drivers for E5530 in the correct sequence

I recently purchased Latitude E5530 (Windows 7, 64 bit).

I found instructions for Installation Sequence of the drivers.


So, I installed the first two drivers in the list:

2.5 BIOS

2.6.1 Intel Chipset Driver

But the next one to install is Dell System Software for critical Microsoft QFEs. For E5530 (4th Generation Latitude Family) it says to :

"enable the Windows Update and connect to Internet once install the driver of Integrated Wired Network Controller."

Hmm, what am I supposed to do...?

So I'm not toWhere can I find Integrated Wired Network Controller-driver? Is it the Intel Ethernet Controller Driver? And afer that I should use Windows Update to install...which updates? QFEs? Oher Windows Updates should be performed later? (on the instructions it's at 2.6.22)

Or should I skip 2.6.2 and do the Windows QFE Updates afer 2.6.8?

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