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OptiPlex 9010 with Win 7 Pro 64-bit wouldn't access web now says their is no boot program.

I previously posted a message about it not accessing the internet & 80 people looked at it added nothing, so it looks like I have to reinstall Windows. This machine has I5 Pentium 8gb ram, 1TB HD Sata 3 partitioned to 500gb & 500gb partitions. I was trying to do some stuff on it, and all of a sudden it says there is no boot program or boot manager. I tried setting in the Bios to boot from the CD, but it still says no Boot Manager. I have an older OptiPlex with 2 drives. I am thinking about putting my drive in it & deleting the C partition, & I checking the Bootable flag on the drive. Is this the direction I need to go, to get rid of Win 7 it could be faster than other things I was trying. Is there any problem I need to check for?

Troy NH

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