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RE: A major bug in the latest SupportAssist / Dell Diag Control Device

I can't help you. I was hoping that you had received help that would help me.

I open task manager every time I start the computer. I do this so that I can see what all is running, and allow memory and disk hogs to do their thing before I do anything with my computer.

Just now, after starting the computer, I noticed Dell Data Vault (delldatavault.exe) running. It is located at c:\program files\dell\dell data vault. The properties says that it was created on January 30,  2015.

I've never seen this exe before, and I was wondering what it is, where it came from, why it is on my machine, why it is on my machine now when I've had it since August 2013, and why has it never been shown to be running before, yet it is running now.

I hope someone clears this up here. Otherwise I guess I will have to consider it malware and get rid of it.

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