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RE: A major bug in the latest SupportAssist / Dell Diag Control Device

I am very angry about this DellDataVault and all the other programs attached to it  and our pre-downloaded software.  I am getting mini-dumps 3 or 4 times a day! all these dumps are happening behind the scene. i only know they are/have happened via dell detect. then update then i go to system and there they are! this all started on feb 11, 2015! when behind the scene this and other updates were done. shame on the system software people! who pays for all the necessary work to remove/repair all these system mini dumps eg crash bits of data, registry files, etc.  me! the computer was almost 2 grand! i maybe have 30 hours on it since may 1st, 2014. it is the model xps 8700,   i7 4770,8gb cache 3.9ghz,  amd  32gb ddr3 1600 mhz 256 ssd drive & 3tb regular sata. the dear amd hd r9 270 2gb gddr graphics card. the machine is junk.  i have a 16 year old dell laptop that boots faster and runs my program faster. i also own a 2007- dell, duo core processor dimension e520 with xp (the real version) and in the last 5 yrs i have never had any cache dumps. i am not technically trained on computer software but i sure know about releasing products to the market before they are ready.  it is the worst personal relations error a company can make.  i tell 2 friends, etc etc.   automobile manufacturers for example learned this fact, pr disacters. ps i read in pc's type magazines last week, that this new great system of system service was made so that dell can save money!



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