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RE: A major bug in the latest SupportAssist / Dell Diag Control Device

It looks like Dell Data Vault precipitated other problems. Recall I have two computers that started repeated blue screen crashes after it was installed.

On this one, Verifier (a Windows program) stressed the drivers during running and precipitated crashes. The culprit was an old driver for some backup software. I uninstalled that software and made sure the driver was not on the system. I also updated as many drivers as I could, through Device Manager and by going to the makers' web sites. Dell's web site was pretty hopeless. Some drivers are still around from pre-Windows 7 release.

The other computer is another storey. I uninstalled the same software and cleaned out the driver from everywhere it occurred. After a couple of days "stability", it now crashes frequently. Verifier shows problems with file system drivers, esp. fltmgr.sys (a Microsoft driver). I am stuck now. I have asked answers.Microsoft for help. 

So Dell Data Vault was apparently not the problem, but it seems to have exacerbated other problems coming to the surface. Pretty poor software though to do that, it should coexist with existing software to be any good.

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