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Imaging Dell Computers - WinPE


I am currently working on figuring out the best method for imaging different models of HP Computers. Currently for laptops we typically use the Lattitude series and the Precision m6600. For desktops we typically run 490, t5500, abd optiplex series.

I created an image that seems to run well with the optiplex series using WinPE and a cab file from dells support page.

I now am trying to see if I can get a similar thing going with the latitudes but from looking at the dell support page for cab files, it shows WinPE version 5.x (A05), 4.x (A06), 3.x (A17), 2.x(A00),  while the lattitude e6420 uses A12.

Is there a workaround or a better way of implementing an imaging solution? Currently we have been imaging by placing a windows repair disc in the computer, and restoring a backup (which is our image). This process can take about 30 minutes and isn't as easy to manage as WinPE deployments.

Need input / advice.

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