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RE: Inspiron 15 5100 - I am having trouble instaling Win 7 on my new machine because of missing drivers.

Well Dell Inspiron 15 5100 is all that is written on the underside with this as the Service Tag: DC3D582 which brings up Inspiron 3552 when I go to to download drivers.

It is brand new and surely a new model seeing as there is no CD/DVD drive on it. 64bit with 4gb RAM 500gb HGard drive so it isnt an old model from 2003. I just bought it last week directly from Dell online sales.

IT shipped with Ubuntu and as I said I am trying to put Win 7 on it but have had to resort to Win 10 which is not a major problem but I dont understand fully why I cant get Win 7 instaslled from a USB because it is asking from CD/DVD device drivers at the start of the installation process.

I get to select the language and keyboard type at the start of Windows 7 setup then says "Setup is Starting" then I get the error message looking for device drivers.

I have seen this issue mentioned on dellwindowsreinstallationguide website but this says that it is due to an incomplete .iso but that is definitely not the case as I have proven this by installing from the exact same USB stick to another older Toshiba machine successfully.

Thank you for replying... I welcome any further ideas as I still would like to use Win 7 for a while longer.

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