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RE: Windows XP driver video for Dell Optiplex 390

f the last Dell systems with Windows XP support. Assuming you have a Windows XP Pro SP3 Reinstallation CD and have the UEFI BIOS set to a Legacy Boot you should be able to install Windows XP Pro and it should activate using Dell OEM SLP.

Next you need to install the drivers in the following order. 


0. Unofficial Service Pack 4: 

This will give you the .Net Framework etc. which may be required for the system drivers...

1. Dell System Software 

2. Intel Chipset 

3. Intel USB 3.0 Driver 

4. Intel AMT 

5. Intel Identity Protection Utility 

6. Intel Rapid Storage Technology: 

7. Intel Ethernet 

8. Intel Ethernet Diagnostics 

9. Intel Video 

10. Realtek Audio 

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