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RE: Download Windows 7 - No disk but have product key

Me too!  I tried sending a PM to Dell-Lijo J but he has PM's disabled.

I am selling an older (6 years or so) XPS 13 laptop that has Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it. I'm 57 years old and spent probably 20 years of my life working as an IT guy, but this is kicking my butt.

I can't find my OEM disk but the product key sticker is under the flap on the bottom of the laptop. I have downloaded a copy of Windows 7 HP and created an ISO of that on a 16GB Thumb Drive. I did this because although there is a recovery partition on the hard drive it seems to be corrupt because it won't let me restore from it. I also download the Dell OS recovery tool from your website and ran it but it says there is no OS images defined for this product (I assume it is looking for this on your website?) to be able to reinstall Windows from. 

So I spent most of yesterday trying to install from this ISO (I've gone into my BIOS and made the USB drive my first boot device, but when I boot from it and get to the part where I say "Install" it gives me the message "a CD/DVD driver is missing" once the install starts. I've tried many different suggestions from various websites including editing the .wim files to add USB3 drivers to it but I still get this message. I've tried all of the options under "repair your Windows installation" etc. but these aren't helpful either.

What drivers do I need to put on the thumb drive to allow the Windows 7 installer to access the thumb drive once the install starts?

Can I download the .ISO from Dell that already has the correct USB drivers on it? 

Help! I sold this laptop on eBay and need to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows to it so I can ship it tomorrow.

Who can I PM my Service Tag/Express Service Code to so I can get some help with this?

Thanks a million!


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