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Re: svchost.exe - Application Error

My office consists of two computers (one running XP Pro and the other 2000 Pro) and a HP 7410 wireless All-in-One Printer. I use a Lynksys wireless system. The system worked flawlessly since I installed it a few months ago.
After installing Yahoo instant messenger a few days ago, I used the anti-spyware feature and mistakenly deleted backweb.
Today I noticed that neither computer had access to the lynksys wireless router. I rebooted my XP system and received a backweb error. (this is now fixed).
I rebooted the 2000 computer and it reccected to the lynksys wireless router. I decided to upgrade all service patches on the XP system including SP2. I then started getting both backweb svchost.exe Applicaiton Error experienced on this thread and another Windows data management errors.
After installing SP2 the system shows that my wireless connection is connected, but I can no longer connect to the wireless router through the wireless network. I can only connect by using a network cable. It seems that I can always recreate the error by opening the browser. The first time I open a broswer I can connect to yahoo which is my home page. I can then navigate inside this browser page. When I open another instance of explorer my computer hangs and I eventually get the svchost error. My general performance is much slower, yet my processor is about 5% active and my memory usage is very low.
I found the error with backweb was related to Logitech Desktop Manager. I suspected that this was the root of the svchost error. After reinstalling Logitech Messenger I found that this did not fix the svchost error. I then ran anti-virus programs and anti-spyware programs, the usual. No luck.
I finally found this thread and it is quite a coincidence that I too have a HP 7410. I have always experienced a problem with HP utilities when I shut down my system. HP programs would not exit normally on shut down, but this did not pose a problem and I ignored it.
I have looked all over the internet and could not find much help. I hope this comiseration is somewhat helpful and that someone better then I finds the solution.
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