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Re: Even a seemingly successful update to Android 2.1 on Dell Streak leaves me with hours of work to do restoring phone

Tin??????  My iphone 4 did not come with a tin!  but lasted nearly 7 hours before I gave it away to  a friends very fashion conscious daughter. Bit of a joke trying to sell it to the business community.

Well I am on my 5th Streak due to hardware and firmware problems and tomorrow number 5 goes back to make way for number 6 albeit with the outdated 1.6 firmware and  told what ever I do don't update it..

Does it not remind you of Apple who told their customers its a mobile phone but only if you hold it in a certain way while standing on one leg and reciting the Koran backwards! 😄 the one leg bit was OK but try as I might could not recite the Koran  backwards too so it had to go.


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