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RE: Unable to install new A09 BIOS for Dell Venue Pro 7130

Dear All, Brian,

I managed to flash my Venue Pro 11 (7130, i5 vPro) to A13 BIOS which was stuck on A10 until yesterday; I don’t know which step triggered the switch that enabled the flash, so I thought I should just tell everyone what I did:

1) I tore down system right to the bare motherboard, and removed the motherboard from the chassis and disconnected the CMOS battery.

2) I reinstalled the motherboard to the chassis, but left the SSD card, WiFi card, WAN card, Speakers’ cable and Vibrating motor’s cable outside/unconnected.

3) I powered on the system on the docking station, with CMOS battery and main battery both unconnected, then I powered it off.

4) I reconnected the CMOS battery and installed the main battery, put the machine on the docking station, and connected a USB drive on the dock with A13 BIOS file saved in it.

5) I powered on the system, use the volume keys to change the boot mode to Legacy, and reboot.

6) I used the volume keys to enter the BIOS flash utility, chose the A13 BIOS file that saved in my USB drive. (Note: the SSD is still outside of the machine, I did not entre Windows/DOS, I only used the upper volume key to enter the boot manual, and selected the BIOS update function)

7) The machine rebooted and the flash utility initiated as normal. The Intel Management Engine update part was stuck at 84% for approx. 2 minutes but continued as usual, don’t panic.

😎 The machine rebooted and I confirmed the BIOS has successfully updated to A13, and then I reinstalled all the components I left out, machine functioned like a dream, all problems (exclamation marks in device manager, 25 seconds boot freeze etc.) all gone!

I suspect the keys of the success are CMOS battery disconnection, Flash from BIOS utility without SSD, WiFi card, WAN card (if present) connected. Anyone who would like to give it a try can try these without the removal of motherboard from the frame, however in order to access the CMOS battery you may need to remove the bottom case frame, which isn’t particularly easy due to multiple plastic clips. (I broke mine, and would like to know if I can get a replacement frame at a reasonable cost? But anyway, if this solved everyone’s problem, it was a frame well worth to break!)