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Dell Venue 8 - Dell's the worst!

DELL IS THE WORST. My family and I have always been loyal customers of Dell. ALWAYS have owned one. After literally 5 hours of being on the phone with every department dell has they still could not help me with my tablet. 

I made an original phone call to them to price out how much it would be to replace my screen on the Dell Venue 8 because i broke it. (I didn't have any warranty on it) They decided a factory reset was the way to go to fix a problem i was not having and it RUINED my tablet. Now they are refusing to let me return it or to fix it for that matter. Their reasoning? Because my tablet is cracked. Before the factory reset my tablet was fine and now it no longer works. That was a waste of $170. P.S - Tablets only 29 days old. Still within 30 days.

Typical Dell. Never owning up to their mistakes or making it right for any of their customers. And you ask them for the corporate number and they don't have one. Of course.

All i can say is I am done with Dell and have no plans for future purchases. 

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RE: Dell Venue 8 - Dell's the worst!

I feel your pain, and also, this is a bad omen for me.  This Venue 8 Android is my first Dell purchase ever.  I had heard Dell had reasonable tech support and customer service, which is one reason I bought the Venue.  I had a similar situation as you report with another highly known Korean manufacturer, and won't buy their products again.  I thought Dell would be better, since it is US based... but maybe not. Sorry to hear that or your story.

You might want to look to a private repair service.  They may be able top replace the screen surface, if that's the problem and not the whole LED screen behind it being broken).  They should be able to order the part from Dell, but I don't know what part + labor will be and if it is worth it.

By the way, can you tell if the screen surface is glass or plastic?

Good luck with your tablet.

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