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RE: A little stylus insight, please.

Any insight on the different cursors that are shown on the screen, what they do, and how you switch between them? Making me crazy. Thanks

I didn't respond earlier, because I think I'm just going to confuse matters more . . . .

I don't get any cursor, unless I hold the stylus bottom button down, in which case a circle appears where I am; also, if I hold the stylus to the screen, that circle will get drawn and the right-click menu will appear.  I assume that both of these are supposed to assist the user in understanding where the pen is on the tablet and what is happening.

However, if I turn on "Mouse Keys" under Ease of Access Center/Make the mouse easier to use (under the Control Panel on the desktop side of Windows), I will get a tiny cross-hairs circle showing where the stylus is on the screen--again, I assume, to help the user.  I'm not sure I like the extra "tick" on the screen and so have turned it off.  (Note:  when I turn this feature on, sometimes an arrow will appear instead; after I tap the screen a first time, the arrow gets replaced by the tiny cross-hairs; also, if I turn the feature off, it does not go away for me until the tablet is turned off or put into standby.)

If you're getting the small cross-hairs and don't want it, it may be through the Ease of access/mouse setting. 

And so, have I confused you enough now?   😉