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RE: Dell Venue 8 -- Double type/touch problem

Have you updated to the latest touchscreen firmware dated 1-2-2014? Also do you use a screen protector or case? if so what type? Ive been struggling with the same issue and no longer have trouble. This is what I did. I installed all updates from dell. The issue got better but didn't go away. I decided to sell the venue pro so I reinstalled windows by using the windows 8 recovery option "remove everything and reinstall windows" located in the setting menu in the charms bar. After reinstalling windows I took my venue pro out of the case it was in (targus safeport case with built in screen protector) to box it up. Crazy thing is now its working perfectly fine!!!! Ive been using it for 2 days and no issues. I don't know if it was the case or the reinstall of windows, but it works great. I would try this: 1. Update the venue pro to the latest touchscreen firmware dated 1-2-2014 and also any other updates. 2. Reinstall windows using the above mentioned option (I chose the option that states it will take hours) 3. Remove any case or screen protector (screen protector is probably the most important) Once this is done, if it fixes the issue, you can go back and update your drivers again. (you should not need to update the touchscreen firmware again so I suggest leaving it alone) Hope this help.
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