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Re: Dell Venue Pro -- Issue Status


The On Device Encryption:  This is pretty well documented and annoying (References).

The servers at work require Outlook/Exchange information on the phone be encrypted after it gets there not only during transit.  EAS service has a policy that checks for this and rejects connecting devices that don't comply.  The sad thing is that this is supported on the iPhone and Windows Phone 6.5, but not in Android and not in Windows Phone 7.0.    

As for the cell or pager per contact problem, I don't want to speak for any personality or technology displacement issues some of my contacts may have.   🙂  

I know that my blackberry handled this beautifully, my DVP, um not intuitively.  But I think your "solution" will work but it's not as elegant as providing a simple menu option to send a text to any number.

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