Re: Dell Venue Pro -- Issue Status

xer21, Art_Mighty and others: Wanted to say thanks for your efforts here. Me and several others on the Dell team will work to keep you informed. At this point, I can say that the SIM card issue was a Dell software issue that has since been fixed. All new units will not be affected by it.

I'm still digging into details to understand how we can fix existing units. When I have an update on the SIM card fix or any of these other topics, I'll make sure we keep customers informed on this thread, on the Direct2Dell blog and the #dellvenuepro hashtag on Twitter.

Just so everyone sees it, here's my earlier post on the Wi-Fi issue and the batteries that were mis-labeled as engineering samples. And here's an overall Venue Pro update where I discussed the launch delay, and acknowledged other issues we're looking into like camera image quality, camera settings, certain headdphones not fitting in the headphone jack, and not swapping out microSD cards.

Know we've got more work to do, but as I said, I do appreciate you continuing the discussion here.

Thanks again,


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