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RE: Dell Venue Pro 8 Micro USB part #?

Yes, unfortunately I have read several forums discussing this same topic - none of which seem to have anyone getting satisfactory results with Dell or others for repair.

I bought mine at Costco (December of 2013) for $299 with a $29 Squartrade warranty.  Squaretrade told me to take it to a local repair shop for repair.  I tried Best Buy Geek squad, Data Dr., Frys Electronics, and a few local repair places (in Phoenix area) and Dell.  Geek squad & Frys said they don't do that.  Data Dr. wanted $100 to evaluate (regardless if they could fix), and the few local shops had never done it on a Dell Venue before (I wouldn't want to leave it at one of these), and Dell wants $269 to swap motherboard to repair.

Dell seemed to be the best option, Squaretrade said they would cover it, but that would only leave $31 for future repairs.  I really didn't get the extended warranty to fix a USB problem that shouldn't exist, I got it for a major issue such as my Teen dropping it or cracking the screen.

Anyway, I don't post in forums a lot, and didn't want to hijack a thread so I thought I would start a new one to see if anyone has had luck fixing it themselves.

Accessing the USB port on the motherboard seems relatively simple (see youtube video  I have removed my motherboard and have full access to the USB port.  The old port needs removed and a new one put on.  I was hoping to get a new USB port and take the motherboard to a shop that could repair circuit boards and see how much they would charge to replace.  

Has anyone had any luck fixing it themselves?

I was thinking of replacing the micro AB conector with a B style to help avoid future damage.

Does anyone have the part# for the existing USB port on the Dell motherboard?

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