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Dell Venue Pro crashing

I received my Venue Pro yesterday (Dec 21st) and have been experiencing multiple phone crashes and freezing issues.

It seems to happen at random at this point, and has been getting worse as time goes on. This could be tied to downloading apps on the marketplace as that’s when I first noticed the problem.

The phone seems to heat up considerably around the lower back (above the micro usb port) right before the phone will either shut off, or the phone will display the on screen image frozen. I even removed the battery and experienced the same problem when the phone was just plugged in.

I owned the HD7 prior to purchasing the DVP, and found my experience with that phone to be almost flawless, but returned it in favor for the AMOLED screen, better form factor, and longer battery life. At this point im really starting to wonder if I made the right choice after all.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Wondering if this is software or hardware related.

I am going to play around with the phone a bit more, but I plan to contact Dell tomorrow in regards to the issue...

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