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Re: Dell Venue Pro crashing

I received my phone on the 22nd and am having the exact same set of issues you're describing.  In the past 18 hours, give or take, I've had the phone lock up/hang *7* times (edit: make it 8).  That's insane.  I find it's typically marketplace related, though not always.  It seems to have something to do with either network activity or touching storage.  The phone locks hard, the lower back middle/right heats up like crazy and I have to pull the battery to reset the device.  I know of another person who received their device last week and is seeing lockups as well.  I have friends with other non-Dell WP7 devices, and I had a prototype device for months and they nor I experienced anything like this.

I'll be calling Dell as well...I'm extremely unhappy with this device and everything that led up to even getting it.

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