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Re: Dell Venue Pro crashing

My DVP has done the same exact thing. Most of the time when it crashes, its due to marketplace, IE, or the Zune player. Each time the only way to fix it is by removing the battery. Yesterday it was near 5 times, today overall it was about 10-15. As much as I love the phone, this is outrageous. The heating is another issue. As mentioned, the phone gets hot on the lower portion, keep in mind the battery doesn't get hot. The battery also seems to die after 3-7 hours of use, depending on what I'm doing. One more thing I needed to mention. The glitch regarding the camera, to where it won't go out of landscape/sport mode once changed. It still has that issue. The only way to remove it is by setting to default. I plan on contacting Dell after the holidays. I'll just have to get used to removing the battery every couple uses. I'm sure they're already stocking up for all the RMAs they're going to receive. 


Also, is anyone else getting a white noise while having headphones plugged in? Its getting unbelievable annoying. I can hear it anytime headphones are plugged in. Its not related to my headset. I've tried 3 or 4 pairs, each being exceptional to audiophile grade headphones. 


Edit 12/24 

I wokeup late for work due to the phone locking up while I slept. I've had to hard reset the phone 3 times within the past two hours. I'm not even using the phone and it does this.. I must say, great christmas present :\

Edit 12/24 

Called in, did a complete wipe of my phone. Still happening. Dell sending replacement unit. Says it'll take 3-4 business days. I guess we'll wait and see. 

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