RE: Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 Won't Power On/Has Blank Screen

Hey guys - sorry to see you both seem to have experienced something similar to what I posted just yesterday here -->  en.community.dell.com/support-forums/mobile-devices/f/3824/t/19651808 

My system also died without warning and responded similarly upon attempting to reboot. I too had a loose charger that often fell out of the receptacle. I replaced just the cord (from USB to micro-USB), not the adapter,  and have had about 24 hours with my system up and fully functional after charging with the replaced cord for just 2 hours. Wondering if a similar tactic might help either of you?  

Try searching Dell's accessory listing to see if they sell any of the adapters/chargers for their ruggedized laptops individually, sans system. They are tested to US Military rugged standards 810 and 461F. The spare cord I had on hand is certified to those standards (aka tougher than Chuck Norris) and is capable of handling the 24W Dell AC Adapter's input/output requirements with ease.

Another option, since both of you mention recently expiring warranty - call Dell customer support and ask if it's possible to extend your very recently expired warranty or to purchase an after-warranty protection plan.  I was able to do that for a Dell laptop shortly after the warranty expired, but It's been more than a year since. Not sure if that's still the Dell policy (window after expiry in which you can still extend warranty). Can't hurt to try.

If there's no option to extend your warranty or buy a protection plan, seek out a higher quality USB cable to try. JEM cables are a stateside firm that makes a good product - not sure if they sell DTC but I'm sure they'd point you to a retailer if not. Should be able to snag a cable for under $15 USD. Again, can't hurt to try.

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