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Venue 8 with no power...

So, my Venue 8 tablet had an issue with the power port doesn't seem to work anymore (had to jiggle the cord just right for a few days to power it, now nothing...)  It's only about 4 months old and the unit does not power up anymore at all, and since the service number was on a sticker, that is now lost.  I've called tech support, and tried using the chat, but without that service tag number they CANNOT (or will not?) help.

How can one retrieve this number (remember, no power, no sticker, no box)? 

Is Dell's warranty really only as good as the adhesive on a sticker?  I mean, I have the device (with a great big DELL logo on it), I've got a serial number, and I have a receipt, why can't we work from there? If they get it working again, then they can retrieve the precious service tag number.  Isn't that some incentive?


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