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RE: Dell VenuePro 8 Tablet - stuck at welcome screen

Thanks Robin

I think I figured out what is wrong with the tablet. It's TOUCH capabilities or sensitivity is disabled somehow.

Yesterday I tried the boot opions, and didn't get anywherefinally I tried the factory reset. It was going well and the familiar blue screen with the reset message came on and it was going through the % until it reached mid 80s when it just blinked and restarted itself.

Which brought me back to my customized welcome screen.

I guess it failed to wipe or rewrite and went back to the last settings

A couple of other  tries finally got me to the factory settings initial screens. So it worked itself to the screen where we have to actually choose the language, region, time zone ... (Hi there, let's get a few basic. ..."). So I was happy I can have my tablet back, even if the files and apps are lost.

But ...

Here no matter where I touch,  any of the drop down lists (coujtry, language, ...), or even the next box, nothing happens!

I can only assume somehow the touch sensitivity is disabled.

As I'm writing tjis, the same thing has happened. And after about 10 minutes or so the screen goes dark grey (not black or dark as in a shut screen. You can see the tablet is on but with a dark grey screen with nothing on it)

It happened yesterday too, right at this stage.

But why? If it is reverting to the factory settings, meaning windows 8, then the touch settings or whatever that's happened to its settings should revert too.

Any ideas?

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