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Dell Venue 8 Pro POWER Button Malfunction........

Does anyone have any fix for this?..........

I've only had this Venue 8 Pro for a week, and I generally only use it at night while in bed before going to sleep. Until now I've always used an ipad, but I decided to give this Dell Venue a try.  From the very first day I never understood why it usually took at least 3 depressions of the power button to get it to activate, but I've just been dealing with it.  

I used my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet briefly the previous night, then powered it down—set it aside. After sitting for a whole day, I tried to use it last night.  It would not turn on.  I tried everything!  I held the power button every which way possible, and for a variety of "seconds".  So finally I just gave up and put it on the charger overnight even though I knew it should still have plenty of battery power left.

This morning I tried to turn it on again—but nothing.  Finally a few hours later I tried again and it suddenly turned on after the 4th of 5th depression of the power button.  What the heck?!?                                                                                                                            

I cannot imagine this is normal. This tablet has been on the market for awhile now, and it was too darn expensive to still have so many bugs. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?  Or is it best to return this Dell tablet for a refund and go back to the Apple iPad instead?  I never had these problems with the ipad. 

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