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Venue 11 Pro 7130/9 - Wireless adapted not seen by Windows

Hi everyone. 

I was recently having a lot of issues with my Venue - fingerprint sensor not working, BIOS change error messages without reason, etc - so I decided to reinstall everything from scratch (Dell wasn't very supportive even if I have had other issues while on extended warranty, but that's neither here nor there).

I was on Windows 10, but my recovery USB is for Windows 8 so I just tried to restart from there and re-upgrade. First, it took me no less than 10 tries to get W8 reinstalled as I kept getting massive crashes trying to reinstall. I just want to point out I've actually done this before and it worked fine, so it's not a USB or user issue, at least I don't think so.

After many hours, I got everything going. Except when I wanted to upgrade to W10, I realized that there was no Wifi... but I mean no Wifi adapter. At all.

I can't see any driver available for download on my service page using my service tag, so I'm not sure what happened. Obviously the network adapter worked before, and I doubt it's a hardware issue as the Bluetooth is there and (seems to) works fine.

So for some reason, W8 does not want to accept there is a wireless chip in there. I've reinstalled again, same thing.

I've considered deleting the partition and data all together to make sure, but I'm unfamiliar with the volume structure and I'm concerned I might do something I shouldn't...

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I've seen another topic form a few weeks ago, but it's for a 7140 on W10, so I can't follow the same driver instructions I don't think.


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RE: Venue 11 Pro 7130/9 - Wireless adapted not seen by Windows

Welp... guess I solved it. I risked myself at using the solution proposed by ToddAllen in his post when I saw the drivers for the wifi chip in the 7139 and 7140 are compatible. I used the 18.33 version and after a simple install, it worked. Hopefully it will keep working as expected.

Guess I should have been a bit more intrepid before I posted here... emoticon.Embarrassed.title

RE: Venue 11 Pro 7130/9 - Wireless adapted not seen by Windows

Hi MrDenis,

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