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Re: Streak Froyo OTA Update for O2 Customers

Hi Amy!

I backed up, successfully, to my SD card, updated OTA, then restored "successfully", last night.

Unfortunately, the restore only restored the 11 contacts that I had entered, manually, on my Streak, and not the other 134 that I had synced across using the no longer supported Dell™ PC Sync.

No matter, I thought, I just need to sync my Streak with Outlook Contacts on my PC.  However, to my chagrin, Dell™ Mobility Sync for the Dell Streak only seems to sync media files.

What is the solution/workaround for this?  What you published promised that my contacts would be backed up and restored.  Not just 11/145ths of them.  I will be very unhappy if I have to re-enter 136 contacts, manually.



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