RE: UP2715K, keeps going blank/black. Also can't see BIOS post.

Problem = No video/blank screen due to long input source detection time
Discussion = Due to 5k technology limitation, time to video input detection may take longer than usual (takes several seconds). This is the expected behavior and not a defect. Below are the estimated time taken for video detection. During video input detection, please do not power off the monitor.
* AC off/on - it may take about 4 seconds from AC on to Dell logo showing. Another 6 to 8 seconds for image to appear on screen.
* DC off/on - it may take about 6 to 8 seconds for image to appear on screen.
* Switching between resolution - it may take about 5 seconds for image to re-appear on screen.
* PC Sleep/Wake - it may take about 7-9 seconds for monitor to wake up and image to appear on screen
Workaround = Disable monitor Sleep from OSD (On Screen Display) Menu- Energy Settings- Monitor Sleep- Disable). This may help speed up Sleep/Wake cycle by about 1-2 seconds.

Problem = Cannot see POST/BIOS screen
Discussion = This is technical limitation of the monitor and working as designed. This is due to the slow recovery and connection time of the monitor. If accessing the POST/BIOS screen is critical, please connect to another monitor (non-4k, non-5k) and restart the system

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