RE: Dell stonewalls in providing in-warranty support

From the "Monitor warranties and replacement instructions (updated 2/4/16)" found in the Wiki =

Monitors without a service tag number purchased from resellers (Amazon, Best Buy,, Cost Co, Walmart, Sams, other online store, eBay, Craigslist, etc.)
* Based on the monitor 20 digit PPID serial number date code start date, Dell will warranty the monitor for 3 years for most monitors. There are exceptions (S2340M, S2340L, etc.) which only had 1 year warranties. 24" and smaller Dell monitors do not get a service tag number so you cannot "register" them using the Dell online tools
* You must contact Technical Support for your country (USA 1-866-618-2044) by phone. Tell them to open the Dell internal only Oracle Knowledge Information center
* In the search blank, they should enter PNP13081, then click Search. This brings up the article,
"Dell Monitor Replacement Policy and Procedure - Dell Global Policy". They should read Scenario 7 =

Discussion = The warranty will be 3 years from the embedded date in the 20 digit serial number.
Solution = Set up the monitor replacement against the dummy tag.
* You would provide the following data to the representative if you ever need a monitor replacement within that 3 year period:
Brick or Online Store:
Monitor model:
Monitor 20 digit alphanumeric PPID serial number:
Email address:
Shipping address:
Phone number:
Operating system:
Video card:
Video card ports tested:
Troubleshooting performed:
* Monitor Factory Reset done
* Monitor failed Self-Test and Built-in Diagnostics
* Post further troubleshooting

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