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True 10 bit panels


I need a 4K monitor with a true 10 bit panel (not 8 bit + FRC).

  1. What is the cheapest Dell 4K monitor with a true 10 bit panel?
  2. Does UP3216Q have a true 10 bit panel?
  3. Can I  enable 10 bpc mode in Nvidia control panel with UP3216Q  and my Nvidia Quadro K1200 graphics card?
  4. Have anybody ever ran Photoshop in 10 bit mode (with 10 bit OpenGL buffers) with UP3216Q. What graphics card did you use?
  5. I tested U3415W (it's a 10 bit monitor) with Nvidia Quadro K1200 (via DisplayPort): 10 bpc mode can't be enabled in Nvidia control panel. Do anybody know what the problem can be related to? Nvidia support said that my graphics card supports 10 bit, but the problem is the monitor.

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