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U2417H, DP 1.2 daisy chain mirrors, but does not extend.

I have 2 new dell U2417H which I am trying to connect to my machine via daisy chained displayport. The computer I have it connected to is an HP 400 G3 SFF.  I have confirmed that this computer supports MST via displayport. The current configuration of the connections are as follows:

CPU DP > First Monitor mDP input > First Monitor DP output > Second Monitor mDP input

Both monitors currently have displayport 1.2 enabled. I have done factory resets to both just to be sure. 

Even though the display is mirrored on both monitors, windows does not detect more than one monitor attached.  I am running a fresh install of windows 10 64 bit (I have also tried it on an identical machine fresh out of the box with the same result). I have updated the video drivers to the latest release. It is an onboard Intel HD 530 which supports multistream via displayport. 

Is there any issues with using mDP ports instead of full sized form factor displayports?  Currently The monitors only came with mDP to DP cables and the new cables are on the way, but are a couple of days away. From what I can tell, using mDP shouldn't be an issue because there is no difference other than they are different form factors.

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