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S2715H USB Ports Stopped Working - Troubleshooting

My S2715H is about a month old. I recently did a clean re-install of windows 10 and I noticed a device manager error (yellow road sign "error 43") which I found to be the USB port my webcam was plugged into on the rear panel of the monitor.

All drivers up to date, as well as latest bios. The webcam had been working and detected before re-installing. When I first noticed it was now off, I unplugged and re-plugged and it turned on and made the "new device detected sound". I unplugged it to tie the cable back together and now it's back to not working again in either of the 2 rear ports. I re-installed the webcam drivers (it still works immediately in all other USB ports on my pc, I uninstalled and re-installed the Dell monitor drivers, and tried different driver versions, and even tried installing from the CD it came with as I did originally. I've followed the Dell troubleshoot steps, and tried other different devices in the 2 rear ports and still nothing. Windows troubleshoot detected the error, but windows update did not fix it. It is enabled in the dell on-screen utility also. I suppose I could just run the webcam to another USB, but I mainly would like to at least find out the issue with the monitor.

If anyone has this problem, please let me know what I may be missing- and I will be sad if I need to re-re-reinstall windows, or RMA just after my return window passed. Smiley Happy Thanks very much!!

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