RE: DELL U2518D - tearing/stuttering

* Based on the number sold world wide versus number returned or exchanged, there are no systemic issues with the U2518D
* If purchased directly from Dell, you have 30 days from the Dell invoice date to return a monitor. After that, you are only eligible for refurbished exchanges
* Post a video showing us the issue using 2560x1440 - GTX960, DisplayPort -> U2518D mDP port
* Have you verified the issue by testing on another computer with a different, newer video card? The GTX 960 is two years old
* Assuming that you have checked the Nvidia website for the latest GTX 960 driver?
* Consider getting a DP to DP cable to test the U2518D DP in port using both DP 1.2 and DP 1.1a
* Have you tested with Smart HDR Enabled and Disabled?
* Is the U2518D driver installed?
* If DDM (Dell Display Manager) was installed, remove it, reboot the computer and retest
* The 2010 HP ZR24W (e-IPS/1920x1200/16:10) panel is not a good comparison to the 2017 U2518D (IPS/2560x1440/QHD/16:9) panel as far as working a video card

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