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RE: U2518D, tearing, stuttering


thank you for reply, so I will answer it step by step:

1) Well, I don't know, but I send the link to the other user on this forum with exactly the same problem, and I also found couple of others examples on internet. And this is very specific problem, actualy until now, I didn't know about any monitor with this kind of problem. Also when I try to find out about this problem something, pretty much nothing appear, only cases about U2518D.
Also it has to be said, that this is very special problem, which is not that easy to spot for the first time, especialy in 1440p. And let's be honest, how many users use this monitor with 1080p, where it is really easy to spot? Also, this problem is virtualy unnoticeable in Windows, you need to run some game, or connect some device like PS4.
But of course, I don't know if it is really systemic problem with U2518D, but it is a strange problem and there are many users that notice this problem. So ultimately, this is why I post here, to found out if it is problem of my specific monitor, or it is problem with all U2518D. So can you (or any user with this monitor) verify, that when you do exactly the same thing like I, that the image move smoothly without tearing or stuttering? If yes, then I immediately return my monitor and take another example.

2) I purchased it in local big internet shop, honestly, I am not sure if it is even possible to buy something directly from Dell here in Slovakia.

3) Ok, here is the videos. As you can see, the problem occur in periodical interval (about 36 seconds in 1080p and 26 seconds in 1440p), but I write times in red color when it is most noticable, because how much it is noticable depends on the actual scene and maybe by camera as well. Also sorry for the low quality, if it is not enough, I can shot it with better camera later.

DELL U2518D, GTX960, 1920x1080, DisplayPort
Tearing: 0:30, 1:08, 1:45, 2:23

DELL U2518D, GTX960, 2560x1440, DisplayPort
Stuttering/Tearing: 0:34, 1:01, 1:27, 1:53, 2:19, 2:46, 3:39

DELL U2518D, PS4 Slim, 1080p, HDMI
Tearing: 0:19, 0:56, 1:34

The tearing in 1080p is very easy to spot, especialy in Uncharted 3 on PS4. Also when I analyse the video frame by frame I realize, that the refresh sequence is not from top to bottom, but rather from bottom to top.
Unfortunately, the Stuttering/Tearing in 1440p is not that easy to pick up with camera, that is the reason why I made the video longer. I recommend to focus mainly on the pillars, especialy in front of the camera, that is the easiest way to spot it. Also again, when I analyse video, I found out, that it is in fact also tearing but very fast (unlike in 1080p) so it looks more like stutter, in many case it is like one frame is exactly the same as the frame before and then it suddenly jump to next frame.

4) Well I don't think that the problem is with GTX960, because HP ZR24w in 1080p work just fine (on the same DisplayPort port), but on U2518D in 1080p, there is the tearing mentioned above. Also user Thomas_nx5, who has exactly same problem like I with this monitor, has GTX 1050 Ti, which is pretty new video card. Also I don't know nothing about the fact, that GTX960 shouldn't handle 1440p display. Actualy it could easily handle 4k display.

5) Of course, I now installed the newest drivers, but it didn't change anything.

6) Well I don't think that it change something. I can test it tomorrow, but if mDP and HDMI produce this problem, I am not sure why the second DisplayPort should be without a problem. Also it will be still a problem, because I need HDMI port as well.

7) I tested it with Smard HDR turned off with PS4, on PC I can't even change this setting, so I assume it is turned off.

8) Yes, the driver for monitor is installed.

9) DDM is not installed.

10) Well I really don't know why 7 years monitor can produce butter smooth playback and brand new monitor should stutter/tear. Honestly, I see this kind of problem with monitor for the first time. As I mentioned couple of times, the problem is in 1080p too, which is resolution which ZR24w handle without any problem unlike U2518D.

Thank you