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RE: U2518D, tearing, stuttering

Can report, having the exact same problem at the native resolution as shown in the videos above, I'm glad I'm not alone.

At 1440p it seems to present itself in most instances as a chunk-chunk double stutter, as is apparent in both the bar video and pendulum test above.  

While the fix mentioned by Explosion65 does sort of work, it causes MANY unintended consequences and seems to conflict with V-SYNC in many 3D applications. Many programs seemed unable to adapt to the odd frame count, and react by locking down to 30fps rather than a smooth 60.

This is an unacceptable level of performance and I will be returning the product ASAP.

It seems Dell needs to look into this quickly. Hopefully for their sake, it's only affecting a minority of us.

EDIT: For the sake of any technician looking into this issue, here's some additional information.

- I'm running an Nvidia GTX 970 gpu, and a variety of cleanly installed drivers show the same issue.

- The tearing/stutter occurs at EXACTLY the same +/- 26 second interval described by the original creator of the thread.

- As mentioned earlier in my post, manually forcing the monitor to run at 60hz via a custom resolution prevents the primary stuttering but can lead to a host of other frametiming issues.

- Issue occurs regardless of V-SYNC settings

- Stuttering is not consistently detected by frame-time measuring applications such as Riva Tuner, despite being visually apparent and easily captured on video. That may further indicate the issue is within the unit itself and not related to the hardware generating the picture.