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RE: S2716DG, USB problem

this is built from parts

Mb is an Asus Maximus VIII Ranger

chipset Intel 100 series/C230 Series Chipset Family

the other parts are an I5-6600k,4x4gb g.skill ripjaws 4 2666mhz,Zotac 1080 amp! extreme and a cooler master PSU.

There are both blue 3.0 and black 2.0

I've tried both nothing changed.

Yes I've another ryzen computer at home i'll try to see if it works or not there.

Should I follow some steps or simply plug-in  the monitor and then plug in the usb cable ?

It says that it's impossible to find the drivere for the device and that if I know the manifacturer to check there....

basically nothing.

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