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S2417DG, Nvidia GTX 1070, DP not working

Background of the story: I bought my monitor around Feb this year and has been working fine up till 2 weeks ago. It suddenly did not work one day and would only go to power saving mode when booted up. I thought that this was an issue with the monitor and called dell support to get a replacement monitor.

My replacement monitor arrived and worked for 3 days, after which it failed to boot as well and shows the symptoms as my original monitor. Upon boot it just goes to power saving mode when using DP cable.

I have tried changing cables and it does not work. My pc is working fine as I can still hear audio from it. I have not tried a hdmi cable as I do not have one currently with me.


OS: windows 10

Video card: GTX 1070

The only changes to my system that I remember days before the issues started appearing on my original monitor was updating my graphic Drivers and having a windows update (the update was quite bugs if I recall correctly)

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